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We arrange inspections with clients in order for you to get the best information and knowledge about the property.


What we do not inspect:

Stucco (resale)
We don't have the equipment to drill into stucco which should only be done in the wettests months of the year to test for moisture or potential rot. Equipment
includes a means to get high up on a wall that may not be accessible.)*

Aluminum Wiring

Damaged Homes/Fixer Uppers
Unless Disclosed Upfront


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* You can't test stucco buildings in the dry months of the year because water evaporates. It is this wetting and drying cycle that makes it so hard to opine on the substrate behind stucco. Stucco should only be tested in the wettests months of the year and after a period of rain. Keep searching. You'll find out this is correct. What do you do? You wait or you roll the dice. Read the standardized fine print of every inspection report. I know. I've read them. We recommend a capillary break (air gap) behind stucco in areas of 40-60 inches of rainfall a year. One inspection is not enough. We recommend you test stucco every 3-4 years.

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