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I only represent buyers. Period. I do not offer gifts back to real estate agents. I don't do a quick inspection. I report what I observe and you decide on property condition.

Everyone in real estate knows that a seller can also have their home inspected before they sell it and hire the toughest guy on the street to inspect it.

Out of all the purchases in your lifetime, why would you get a cheap inspectionYou need to know what you are buying. It just may turn out to be the most expensive cheap inspection you ever got! The money you save on the front end could cost you hundreds to thousands later. The more that is found during a inspection is more you can negoitate up front.

What's the Estimated Repair and Maintenanace Cost on the Home You are Buying?*

*One rule of thumb may be to take 1% of the sales price, multiply that by 3/4% and then multiply that number by the age of the home.

*Assuming the home has been maintained structurally and mechanically with periodic replacement and repairs. There's a lot of rules of thumb out there.

Fees & Incentives

I make it easy. "If you do not see a benefit to the inspection during it you don't have to pay me anything. I get on my horse and you get on yours. No pressure, no questions." Take the Challenge

I refuse to do less of a state required inspection in order to intice you with a low cost fee. In fact I want to exceed the requirements because the minimum is well, a minimum and unless it hits the other inspector in the head you will never know if you got the "pig with lipstick".

I do not quote a low attractive fee, get to the inspection and realize I can't afford to do it and perform a lesser inspection.

The state does not require inspectors to be code certified so don't expect the inspector you are calling to be. (You can check on your inspector. Look for a Residential Combination Inspector which means "all" or one with all the building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical certifications. Click here )

moneyonrollDon’t  make the most costly investment you'll make your most costly mistake just to save a few bucks.

Repairs to homes are not cheap. One simple repair can be in the hundreds of dollars. Why get a cheap inspection?

Please contact us for a price quote. To give you an accurate fee we need to know a few things as well as what level and how detailed of an inspection do you want. We also need to check the insurability of the property if it is a coastal county as well as view the appraisal district data sheet and then look at the satellite image of the property while we have you on the phone. Inspections are typically based on square footage, age, builder and some other concerns. 

*We do not inspect homes with aluminum wiring (built in the 1960 to 1978 era). click here

Thank You for Calling


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