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Does Your Coastal or City Home Leak?


Depending on temperature and humidity a roof leak can be detected within 4 or 5 days of a rain. Any possible moisture anomoly MUST BE confirmed by a moisture meter as false positives are possible.


Doors Leak
Windows Leak
Roofs Leak
Walls Leak

Wall and ceiling inspection without thermal infrared. Looks dry

Wall and ceiling with thermal infrared. It's wet


Same ceiling with thermal infrared.
Below upstairs toliet. It's wet.

Houston intown townhome ceiling without thermal infrared. Looks dry.


Wet ceiling after a rain in
Galveston. Could not tell
by looking at ceiling.

Wet ceiling after a rain
on a newer roof.


Person hiding in boat found by infrared from helicopter


More Coming in 2016. New built homes appear to be leaking like crazy. I can find out why.

Adhered Masonry Veneer (Rock)
stuck into mortar can be the worst cladding for leaks. Worse than EIFS.

Wall wet above door from a roof
flashing problem

Wet wall? No. Paint touch-up in a new
built home. Infrared can fool you.


Leak? No. This a 4 year old home where the builder did not cut out the drywall at
an air duct. Now the owner knows why that area of the home ws hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

This is the honeycomb supports of a fiberglass shower pan. The dark color
is water under the pan on the sub-floor.
The ceiling below was stained so infrared was not necessary.


The dark spots in the middle of this image is water in a new built home due to lack of exterior wall flashing.

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Plumbing vent pipe on the
roof is a common leak source.

Does your home leak? Water stains or wetness on walls are usually found through a process of elimination. If your windows and doors leak I know why. I do leak analysis for builders and I've learned a lot.

Water through doors rots out any plywood sub-floor. Cupping of wood floors is caused by moisture. In short, buildings leak.

Moisture intrusion is a perennial problem, with which you should be aware. It involves a host of interrelated factors, and can be unpredictable, intermittent, or constant. When moisture intrusion is not self evident, it can be inferred by musty odors, peeling paint or plaster, efflorescence, or salt crystal formations, rust on metal components, and wood rot. However, condensation and humidity can produce similar conditions if the temperature in an area is not maintained above the dew point.

Thermal infrared by itself does not know the difference between water and a simple temperature differential. Use of a moisture meter is mandatory to determine if moisture exists.

We do not perform mold or termite inspections which requires a specialty license and education.

Builder Warranty

Builder clients have us go behind others with cameras that claim there is water. They mistake cold a/c air blowing on a wall for water but don't have the proper camera to figure it out nor the educational training! We verify all anomolies with a physical moisture detector instrument as the infrared standards require. One should never use a camera if they do not also verify with moisture detector instruments. Cameras only indicate something might be present, moisture detectors confirm. The cheap infrared cameras home inspectors buy for their dog and pony show are a waste of time.


Two wet spots on same ceiling in 11th month new home inspection. West Ranch, League City.

Two wet spots not showing yet on ceiling on 11th month new home inspection. West Ranch, League City, Dec. 2015 Water has to travel through all the insulation before it gets to the drywall.

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