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Terri & J - Pearland, TX

Thank you so much for being an honest person! You are a very thorough inspector and will be forever used and recommended in the future.

Dr. J.E. - Pearland, TX

After all these years of buying homes this was the first time I felt I knew what I was buying with your inspection.


Tom T., Houston

I inspect homes too but I wanted you to inspect mine.


Vinney M., League City, TX

The inspectors I've seen in the past do not provide even a percentage of what you provide."I wanted to thank you again for your detailed inspection and excellent report.

Steve P., Kemah, TX

After your recent inspection of a one year old "as-is" foreclosed builder home we requested structural repairs. The bank saw the photos and the references to building codes and opted to repair than give thousands of dollars in price cuts; the leverage of your report gave us the stronger position.

Martin S., Galveston, TX

Thank you very much. On my last house the inspector told the agent that everything will be fine. The house will pass. The problem was he told her that before the inspection even started. I wasn't going to use that kind of inspector this time.


J & Marcus, Sienna Plantation, Sugar Land, TX

Hey Jim, just got back from the builder walkthrough with your report in hand. They pretty much didn't give us any lip about any of it -- the dryer booster fan and framing stuff included -- I was really surprised.

Nonetheless, I have to say this is the first inspection I've had that I really felt was worth the money -- thank you so much for all of your insights; the came in very handy today, and I suspect that they will continue to do so for warranty and maintenance issues in the future.

Thanks again, and we'll be sure to recommend you to anyone else buying in the area.

Sal M., Houston,TX

I wanted to drop you a brief note to tell you that, surprisingly, they took care of every issue you documented. And did it with a smile.

On the day of our walk through, they had a few contractors back to work on some items. One was fixing the larger heater unit. One was working on the fixing the side building foundation issues and the other literately was removing all window sashes and carefully remounting and then checking to ensure they were sealing correctly on the top.

 They carefully went over your list and showed me what they had done to fix (even things like the messy breaker box job outside).

 Your inspection was priceless Jim. Best money I ever spent.

I feel sorry for anyone who purchases a home and doesn’t get an inspector of your caliber.

 Thanks again for all of your help.


Paul A. - Galveston, TX

Wow! You saved my ass! The other side was obviously full of fluffy crap. Many buyers stand no chance as the system is stacked against them. We now found the one we wanted with fewer problems and we get a new roof. Thanks!


S. M. - Pearland, Tx

Thank you so much for inspecting the home in Pearland for me with my son and his wife. Although I am in overseas could and not be there my son was greatly impressed with the time you took and explaining things to him. From your report there is no doubt you inspected the home carefully and methodically. The extra photos you took (and from the roof of the neighborhood) was very helpgful to me and my wife has we have not personally seen the home. My son and his wife will live there for 5 years until I can return to the mainland upon retirement.


H. Nguyen - League City, TX

The builder said the water problem we had was because of lack of maintenance. You showed him it was a lack of clean weep holes with the photos and all the code references. They are now tearing out brick to fix the problem. THANK YOU!


Anita M. - Galveston, TX

My first home was inspected by someone the realtor recommended and that was a mistake. I sold that home 3 years later as it was costing too much to live there. This time around a different agent showed me five homes listed by her office and I made an offer on one of them at her suggestion. Again, this agent wanted me to use her inspector but told her I was going to use my own. I previously learned my lesson. I was referred to Mr. Hime by a few of my coworkers to inspect the home I made an offer on. He wanted me (and my dad) at the inspection so we could be educated about the home as the inspection went along. The last inspector told me there was no reason to attend. Mr. Hime inspected that home and my dad and I are extremely happy with the inspection. I feel Iike I knew what I was buying. My dad was really impressed. I will never refer anyone but him. 


J. D. - Manvel, TX

The builders 3rd party inspector represents the builder as the "smoke and mirror" guy. He tried but you simply blew him away. Buyers have no idea how bad these guys lie.


Pete B. - Bulverde, TX

Jim, I dragged you up here as you have done all my inspections in League City and Galveston. With your inspection I was able to reduce the taxable value of the home after I closed on by $58,000.00. It was easy as I showed them just like you said the documentation and estimates I got. The chief appraiser of the Comal CAD said he's never seen such indisputable documentation and said he had no problem lowering the value.


A.J.G. - Tiki Island, TX

GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, A.J.G.


T. - Seabrook, Tx
(a home inspector)

Thanks for inspecting the condo I was looking at. I may copy and use stuff from your report for me to use. hahahaha. The realtor lied about the flood insurance and withheld information so I'm killing the deal. I'm not going to pay $9,000.00 a year for flood insurance. I will be having the agent reimburse me for all my expenses or I will file a complaint with the state. The neighbor who is the President of the condo association is a witness and friends with the seller who is out of the country. The seller was embarassed his agent was dishonest and very sorry. He is dismissing her.

Patty M. - Galveston, Tx

My brother is a home inspector in Houston and he referred me to you. Although the home needs a lot of work you did a great job on explaining to us what needs to be done as a rental property. My brother was really impressed with your inspection report and so were we. I hope to call on you again as I know we are going to need lots of help. Thanks!


Sam B. - Bayou Vista, Tx

Thank you! Come on down anytime and let's go fishing.

Lisa - Galveston

I showed your report on the home you inspected for me to friends at work and they have all told me they did not get a report anywhere close to yours when they bought. Thanks!


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