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What Our Basic Inspection Includes. Look at all visible and readily accessible interior and exterior areas of the property with you. We will identify and determine the current condition of many different system components in the average house that are readily accessible, including, but not limited to:

Major Systems and Components


Monolithic Slabs-On-Grade

Post-Tension Slabs-On-Grade

Piered/Pile Foundations

Lot Drainage & Swale Configuration

Roof Covering & Roof Flashings

Gutters and Downspouts

Roof Structure


Roof Framing

Roof Bracing

Roof Decking

Attic Insulation

Attic Ventilation

Attic Stair Units

Exterior Walls

Brick and Stone Veneer

Weep holes

Lintels and Condition

Siding Installation and Condition

Interior Walls

Stairs and Railings

Tread/Riser Sizing

Rail Height and Opening Requirements




Door Conditio & Operation

Door Emergency Egress Requirements

Door Weatherstripping Placement and Condition

Garage Overhead Door Condition

Overhead Door Opener Condition


Window Placement

Window Condition & Operation

Window Hardware Condition

Window Safety Glass

Window Emergency Egress Requirements

Window Screen Condition


Deck Condition

Deck Handrails

Deck Steps





Plumbing Systems

Supply Plumbing Pressure Reading

Plumbing Fixture Condition and Operation

Shower Door Condition and Operation

DWV Piping Type, Sizing and Condition

Water Heaters

Water Heater Type, Sizing, Installation and Condition

Hydro-Therapy Tub Installation, Condition and Function

Electrical Systems

Service Entrance Type, Sizing and Condition

Circuit Breaker, Sizing and Condition

Arc-Fault Circuit Protection Devices

Ground-Fault Circuit Protection Devices

Sub-panel Type and Condition

Breaker labeling

AFCI Breaker Present

Receptacle Types and Function

Lighting Fixtures


Masonry Firebox, Chimney and Condition

Metal Firebox, Chimney and Condition

Chimney Fresh Air Inlets

Heating Equipment

Furnace Type, Installation and Condition

Air Conditioners

A/C type, Installation and Condition

Air Distribution Duct Installation and Condition

Built-In Appliances

Oven Type, Installation, Condition and Function

Range Type, Installation, Condition and Function

Cook top Type, Installation, Condition and Function

Dishwasher Installation, Condition and Function

Disposer Type, Installation, Condition and Function

Exhaust Fan Installation, Condition and Function

Bathroom Heater Installation, Condition and Function

Ovens, Cooktops, etc.


NOTE: Inspection of the systems listed requires that they be both present and readily accessible at the time of the inspection. Portions of some systems could be obscured, inaccessible and unable to be inspected by design. Only those systems and their components required to be inspected in accordance with the Texas Real Estate Commission's Standards of Practice for Property Inspectors will be inspected.

Our Home Inspection Service

Our inspection service is a visual (non-invasive) inspection of the structural elements and systems which are readily accessible. The home inspection is performed in accordance with the Texas Inspection Standards of Practice.

Home Inspections since 1989; New
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