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What We Inspect

Residential Construction Consulting & Inspections

Under Construction Inspections

Under Construction Inspections are my specialty as a Residential Construction Specialist because this is the industry I was brought up in with over 20 years of new home building experierafter2nce. Before you build custom or on your lot call me. New home construction is increasingly being run by accountants. Now is the time to protect your investment by having your own inspections performed at key phases of the construction process, before problem areas are hidden behind finish materials. A new home buyer can greatly benefit from using me during the construction and completion of your new home. The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) does not regulate new home construction. ....continue by clicking here


1- Year Builder Warranty Inspections.....

Before your one year or two year warranty expires check it out. Take the Challenge Because the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) does not regulate new home construction or home builders you need the experience of a home builder, a full code certified inspector and a the experience of a Texas Residential Construction Commission dispute resolution inspector. A dispute resolution inspector requires code certification and experience.
There is a difference~! (*excludes stucco homes)

If you are local to the immediate Dickinson/League City/Friendswood/Texas City/Seabrook travel area "Take the Challenge". You can get a free 30 minute onsite evaluation if you had your home previously inspected within the last two years and are wondering about what you got or have a problem. No pressure. No sales. If at a later date you need information, an inspection or a second opinion I'm hoping you will call me. If you suspect you got a "not so good" inspection give me a call. *Some limitations may apply (no stucco, no aluminum wiring, etc.)

Home Warranty Inspection here for more information


Pre-Construction Consulting....

Before you sign a contract for a custom home built on your lot or a big remodel call me. You need a construction consultant and inspector to help you get off on the right start and help you save thousands of dollars.

  Have a big remodel job to do? Your contractor is not licensed.
Who is he? Will he run off with your money? We saw that after
IKE time and time again.

Pre-Purchase Resale Home Inspections.....

We've been told there is no better inspection. If you "Take the Challenge" I can show you as well. Unlike the sub-contract inspectors to a multi-inspector company Jim personally performs every inspection. His philosophy for each client is simple; he will inspect the property as if he were going to buy it. Jim has inspected homes for home inspectors buying their homes, building superintendents buying their home, Realtor/Brokers buying their home, major electrical and trade contractors buying or building their, for banks and for engineers.

We will not use a pre-determined checklist inspection because you simply cannot pre-determine problems or property condition. Experienced and professional inspectors do not pre-determine or limit their inspections to a checklist in order to bail out in 3 hours or less in order to get to the next house. What kind of inspection is that?

There are huge differences between home inspectors and reports. Like all professions or trades, the majority are rather mediocre. A percentage are spectacularly bad. An even smaller percentage are very, very good. Call Jim at
281.337.4052 today.

Take time to make sure you are hiring someone you can trust to do an excellent job and to look out for your interests above all others. Choosing the wrong home inspector will cost you money, often thousands. (Don't hire any home inspector without reading this.)

Foreclosure Inspections

The market can be congested by the glut in short sales and bank owned properties being sold with little or no disclosure. This is where we can help. Knowledge is power. Allow us to use our critical eye to expose and reveal any of the major issues that are going to affect you as a buyer or seller.

Foreclosure inspections need the electricity, water and gas turned on in order for those components and systems to be inspected. You shouldn't skimp on an inspection involving a foreclosure. You should obtain as much information as is possible. There is no warranty and the limited "appliance warranties" do not cover pre-existing conditions or units clearly near the end of their estimated life.

Beach Houses

Second home? Vacation home? Rental property? Call me.

Bulkhead Inspections If your canal or waterfront property has a bulkhead call me.
Bulkheads are included with the property inspection.

Second Opinion Inspections

Need a second opinion from a code certified inspector, licensed inspector or a TRCC dispute resolution inspector? Jim is experienced, fair and impartial. Got a "quickee" inspection, checklist inspection or you knew more than the inspector? Call Jim at 281-337-4052.

Maintenance Inspections
... the House Rx is here~!

Just trying to keep ahead of the overall continual maintenance routine?Your home needs a general check-up? Anyone who owns property would benefit from a annual or periodic maintenance inspection. Click here

Major Remodel Inspections

If you are considering a major remodel then I strongly encourage you to get a inspector on board BEFORE yo sign a remodel contract. Anyone can be a remodeler and horror stories are aplenty. Remodelers and builders are not licensed in Texas.

Mediation Inspections/Dispute Resolution

Have a dispute with your contractor? We can help mediate a conclusion that is fair and impartial.


Energy Inspections....... Do it yourself energy inspections

FAQ copied from the Texas Residential Construction Commission web site prior to shut down.

Will a court recognize the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards, even if the commission no longer exists?

For contracts executed before September 1, 2009, or work commenced before that date, courts will consider the law in effect at that time. So, if Title 16 was still in effect when the parties signed a contract for new home construction or transferred title on new home construction, the statutory warranties created by Title 16 and the commission–adopted performance standards still apply.

Furthermore, if the parties agree in their contract to the terms of the applicable warranties and performance standards, a court will rely on the terms of the contract to determine if those warranties and performance standards apply, including if the parties have agreed to apply the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards.

Please note that Texas courts have not had a chance to review the legal effect of the Sunset Act on Title 16.  Therefore, a court may decide that the language in the Government Code Section 325.017 does not cause the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards to expire until August 31, 2010.  Therefore, the safest course of action is for the parties to agree to written warranties and performance standards that are at least as stringent as the statutory warranties and commission-adopted performance standards until August 31, 2010.  That way, if a court should decide that Title 16 provisions are still in effect until August 31, 2010, the contract will be in compliance with the law.

If you want to select a TRCC Dispute Resolution Inspector to determine construction workmanship or building performance for your new built home of two or ten years of age or less call me today at 281-337-4052.

Time is running out on many homes. If you are having a home built make sure your inspector has been or is a TRCC Dispute Resolution Inspector and is code certified.

All inspectors should have proper identification of such. ASK FOR IT~!

What Our Basic
Inspection Includes

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